As an air cadet you will be required to wear a uniform. This is the same as that worn by the Royal Air Force although you will wear a different cap badge and distinguishing badges on your sleeve brassard.  Almost everything cadets need is issued free after enrollment, and on payment of a deposit. All cadets are required to provide theIr own black shoes and black socks. Female cadets are required to provide their own tights to be worn with the issue skirt. We find that most cadets eventually choose to obtain black boots for use on outdoor and field-craft activities. 

Issued uniform remains the property of the issuing Sqn, so we expect you to take good care of everything issued. You will need to notify us in good time if any item becomes worn or no longer fits. In these circumstances we will be happy to replace items without charge. Where items have been lost or damaged through misuse, we may levy a small charge. We'll need as much notice as possible if you need a replacement uniform item or any additional items that may be required for a training course or camp. We are unlikely to be able to assist where requests are made at short notice.

Being a predominantly "blue" uniformed service, cadets are not formally issued DPM (camouflage) clothing for wear during field-craft instruction or on exercises. In practice we usually manage to acquire suitable items for issue to cadets and try to keep a stock of ex-RAF items for this purpose. DPM uniform is worn with black high-leg boots. In the rare event that we cannot acquire DPM uniform in your size, or if you need further items at short notice, you may need to acquire items at your own expense if you prefer to wear these instead of the issue coveralls.
  From November 2013, the newer lighter-coloured MTP camouflage uniform is now authorized wear for any cadet or adult staff  member. MTP uniform may be worn with black or issue brown boots. 

      Issued items:
1 x pr trousers (or slacks for female cadets) 
 1 x jumper
 1 x shirt, Working
 1 x shirt Wedgewood (light blue)
 1 x foul weather / Jeltex jacket
 1 x beret
 1 x blue-grey belt
 1 x brassard
 1 x black tie
 1 x skirt ( female cadets only)
 1 x coveralls, green
 1 x beret badge
 1 x Sqn Number badge for brassard
 1 x ATC badge for brassard

 1 x DPM/ S95 trousers
1 x DPM / S95 shirt
 1 x DPM / S95 smock
 1 x Air Cadets subdued identification badge
 1 x Air Cadets Tactical Recognition Flash

 1 x MTP /PCS trousers
 1 x MTP /PCS shirt
 1 x MTP /PCS smock
 1 x Air Cadets Tactical Recognition Flash ( ATC identification badge not worn on MTP uniform)

  Cadets provide:

 1 pr black shoes (male=with toe-cap, female= no toe-cap)
 1 pr black boots (Black boots or new-issue brown boots may be worn with newer MTP uniform)
 Black socks
 Tights (approved colour) as required ( female cadets only)
 1 x S95 olive belt (for wear with DPM or MTP uniform)
 1 X RAF pattern stable belt (NCOs only)


                                                                                            British forces olive belt                                                        RAF pattern stable belt

                  MOD pattern black DMS shoe (male)                                    MOD pattern black shoe (female)

                        British forces issue black boots



Cadets invariably supplement their issued uniform with privately purchased items. While most cadets will at some point buy shoes or boots, others will buy items of camping or field-craft equipment for personal use. If you are thinking of making a purchase of any item of uniform or equipment, we would be very happy to offer advice.

Most equipment required for field-craft exercises or adventure training can be provided from Squadron stores:

Rucksacks (full size)
Sleeping bags
Sleeping mats
Mess tins
Water bottles
DPM Webbing
Ration packs

For Sale: We can supply trouser "blousers" for wear with DPM  trousers at £1.00 per pair. See OC Sqn.




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