This page provides clothing and equipment lists for the following events / activities (links to current and updated lists are marked in yellow):

1. 24 hr Fieldcraft

(* indicates items you are expected to provide yourself, limited supplies of other items are available, provide your own where possible):

*Beret, *T-Shirt (green, brown, or black),  *CS95 DPM L/W Jacket (shirt) / MTP L/W jacket (shirt),  *CS95 DPM Trousers / MTP trousers,  *CS95 DPM Field Jacket/Smock / MTP smock,  *High Leg Boots (Combat/Assault/Patrol Style, Black) Note; Brown boots may be worn with MTP clothing.,  Warm Socks

Bergen/Rucksack (limited supply)
*Bergen/Rucksack liner (waterproof, sturdy bin bag will suffice)
Webbing (limited supply)
Bivvy/Basha Sheet/Poncho
Bivvy Bag
*Paracord/tough string/cord
*Bunjees x2 minimum
*Tent Pegs x4 minimum
Sleeping Bag (Suitable for the expected climate if sourcing own)
Roll Mat (Limited Supply – Dark/OG if sourcing own)
Mess Tins (limited supply)
Water Bottles and Mugs (limited supply) (Non metal if sourcing own)
Hexamine Cooker
24hr Ration Pack

*Spare (dry) Clothing (DPM shirt/trousers or suitable Civvies)
*Spare Socks and underwear (2 sets)
Waterproofs (DPM or suitable/dark Civvies) (Limited supply available)
*Hat (min. wooly, Bush Hat optional)
*Thermals/Warm Pyjamas

Cam Cream (limited supply – bring own if poss)
*Wash Kit
*Boot Polish and Brush
*Trouser Twists
*Torch (pref w/red light)
*Knife (no longer than 3.5”, non locking)
*Pen, Pencil, Paper (to be kept dry)
*Compass (if avail – non essential)
*Sun Cream
*Survival bag/Emergency Blanket
*Personal First Aid Kit

2. Pier Cellars

3. Windermere

Annual Camp


Fieldcraft Ex (48 hrs)

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