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Most of the basic documents required by staff and cadets are available through the national Air Cadet Organsisation website or, for authorized personnel, through the internal BADER intranet. This page is intended to provide quick links to some of the most commonly requested documents and forms.


ACP 48 JNCO course notes.pdf


624 VGS Gliding Induction Course Instructions for Escorting Adult Supervisors.pdf

13-04-29-wild camping advice 1011.pdf



1146 attendance register form.doc

D of E book order form.DOC

(Required for cadet camps / activities. For cadet access if not issued. Note: These are current from April 2013, replacing the previous CC forms. Cadets are required to complete all three for participation in activities). The links are live and will enable printing however hardcopies are available from staff if required).

TG FORM 21 use below and TG 23 if further medical declaration is necessary:

TG Form 021 consent form.docx

TG Form 22 next of kin & consent.doc

TG Form 23 medical declaration.docx

1st Class Cadet Training Records:

ACP 36.pdf

ACF TG01 First Class Cadet Training Record Part 1.doc

ACF TG02 First Class Cadet Training Record Part 2_Page 1.doc

ACF TG02 First Class Cadet Training Record Part 2_Page 2.doc


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