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Posted by Flt Lt Jenkins on 25/04/2012   Email

Thanks for your support. We have run a Facbook page for a while but this is our first website. The simple presentation is limited by the free BT template so we are unable to include fancy graphics etc. The advantage is that the site should remain clear and usable. Thanks again.

Posted by Barbara Helliar(parent) on 24/04/2012   Email

Have found this site very informative for cadets and parents alike. Very well presented and at last parents can get an idea of up coming events without keep nagging for details!keep up the good work.

Posted by Flt Lt Jenkins on 02/04/2012

Many thanks for your comments Ben. We have introduced a clearer programme with a brighter font and dress code in the right-hand column.

Posted by Cpl Ben Hatcher on 13/03/2012   Email

Hi I think this website is very good it is very simple to find and the information is well presented. Also the programme is easy to reach and understand. many thanks Cpl Hatcher

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