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This is the main reason most young people look to join the Air Training Corps. As a cadet you will have opportunities to fly in a variety of aircraft, from gliders and light powered aircraft to helicopters and larger military aircraft. You will certainly not be flown every weekend, but as a junior cadet, you are likely to have a couple of opportunities for air experience flights each year, with more if you are selected for an annual camp.

All flying opportunities are free, including Gliding Indiction Training undertaken at 624 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at RMB Chivenor. Our main opportunities for powered flying are at RAF St Mawgan near Newquay where cadets have the opportunity for Air Experience Flights in Grob Tutor aircraft, the RAF's basic trainer. The best opportunities to fly present after you are 16, and if you apply for further gliding training. Assuming that you are medically fit, you will be given the chance to learn to fly a glider to solo standard. For current cadets of 16 yrs and over, please ask for a GSC application form.

Flying can sometimes be cancelled  due to poor weather conditions and the maintenance needs of aircraft, both beyond our control so if you wish to fly you will need commitment and patience! Air cadets from 1146 Sqn have flown in the following aircraft which you may recognise:

                                 Viking         Vigilant        Tutor        Hercules        Chinook        Tucano       Hawk



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