Everyone gets excited about field-craft. But what is it? Put simply, it's the skills you need to survive and navigate yourself around outdoors, in unfamiliar places. It means sorting water, food, shelter, and getting from A to B as quickly and effectively as you can. This is where Air Cadet training gets closer to what RAF personnel do in their training. The principle is the same - think on your feet, adapt to your situation and work to your team's strengths. Typically cadets will receive instruction in shelter-building, cooking in the field, first-aid, signals, radio procedure, camouflage & concealment, navigation and survival.  Then there'll be a chance to put those skills into practice.

If you've never taken part in anything like it before, we think you will find your first first exercise a real eye-opener with cadets learning a huge amount in a very short time. Over the course of an average year, if you don't get the chance to take part in a field-craft exercise run by 1146 Sqn, we'll certainly make sure you have the opportunity to take part in field-rcaft events run by other squadrons in our Sector or further afield. There is an annual field-craft competition run within our Wing for cadets who are very keen. No problem if you don't have all the equipment you need to take part - we can provide just about everything from our stores. Just ask.

                 A staff member of 1146 Sqn giving instruction in survival techniques to cadets of Devon and Somerset Wing, Braunton Burrows, 2010.


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