The views of a Cadet 
                                           An article written by a Cdt Sgt of 1146 Sqn ATC

As one of the more experienced cadets in the squadron I have had the real honour of learning new skills and increasing opportunities in the RAF. I am currently a cadet sergeant at the squadron and teach radio lessons and generally help out the staff and cadets. I used to be quiet a shy person but the air cadets have helped me build up my self confidence, my leadership skills and teaching skills.   
One of the great things about the Air Cadets is the experiences you gain. I have been to many RAF stations and experience life on a station one example was my work experience were I got work hands on with the RAF search and rescue team for a week which was a life changing experience, also going to camps you learn valuable skills, meet new people from all over the region and making new friends. My favourite experience from the air cadets was learning how to fly, having control of the aircraft, doing aerobatics and seeing the world from up high. One thing the cadet’s offer is a gliding scholarship were you can gain your flying wings and fly a plane solo. I hope achieve this in my cadet career as it will increase my opportunities to get into the RAF.
I am getting closer to the end of my Air cadet experience and I have loved every moment of it and have achieved great things. I hopefully want to become a pilot in the RAF and the air cadets have given me a flying start towards my career. 


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